Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thinking about making a tablecloth.

Hmm... I've been thinking about making a tablecloth for our small table that we use out on the balcony. I've made a square using the pattern that Hellen at Crochetville used for her very nice black shawl to make a square. Then I took a picture of it, cropped it using IrfanView and pasted into Word in a table to get an idea of how it would look if I made a tablecloth using this square.

I used a size 15 thread and a 1.5 mm hook. I think the colours go very well together, but it took me almost an hour just to sew in all the loose threads.

This is the finished square. It is 8 x 8 cm.

And this is how it kind of would look like if I made a tablecloth with such squares.


Mimi said...

I like it, very pretty motif! what a wonderful idea of putting the colors together!

Tina said...

Wow! For someone who just started working with thread, that is amazing! It would be gorgeous if you made a whole tablecloth like that! You are so talented.

Lynn said...

awesome.........i never thought to make squares from thread for a table cloth.........i loveeeee thread, just bought 2 more balls the other day.....i believe i'm up to 45 balls now lmbo. keep up the good work

tove said...

Hej til dig
Hvor er det en dejlig blog du har,jeg kan desvære kun skrive dansk , jeg er helt betaget af din firkant med blomsten du samler til et tæppe , har du mon mønster til den firkant du vil dele med mig.
Hilsen Tove
min hjemmeside er

Pam said...

That's really pretty, I love the colors

rhelena said...

That would make a very nice tablecloth. I love the color combination.